The Story of Polly Pivot

Golf books for kids

This bright and engaging story, starring Polly Pivot, takes young children on a fun yet challenging journey of discovery and inspiration.  Polly teaches us that the experience of learning is fun and rewarding if you follow your way all the way through.  This wonderful book celebrates diversity, inclusivity and the principles of success in both life and sport. 

One Two Follow Through is a golf book for kids by Mary Jacobs

Book reviews from fans!

" Not only is this a fun and entertaining story, it also teaches wonderful life lessons just like the game of golf itself. "
— Mark Wahlberg
" This is a fun children’s book that teaches great life values portrayed through golf. I am very excited to share this with my kids. "
— Lorena Ochoa, Former LPGA World Number 1 golfer
" Mary has written a wonderful book for young golfers that reminds all of us who love the game to keep it simple and have fun! In addition to being an excellent golf instructor, it should be noted that Mary Jacobs is also an incredible semi-professional salsa dancer. "
— Will Ferrell
" My band mates and I love playing the game of golf. Polly Pivot is a total rock star! One, Two, Follow, Through truly applies to everything. What a wonderful book for kids! "
— Matt Flynn, Maroon 5
Golf books for kids
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