Author & Founder Mary Jacobs

“I wrote this book for families because I wanted to share this incredible game and its’ wonderful life lessons. I hope to spark a life-long love for the game of golf and to inspire them to use ‘One, Two, Follow Through’ in their daily lives in order to become their very best selves.”
Mary Jacobs developed her love of sports by competing with (and beating) her five older brothers in a small town in the Midwest. Mary competed in her first LPGA event at the age of 16, just 3 years after taking up the game. She went on to become an All-American Golfer at the University of Arizona and won a Bronze medal while representing the USA in the World University Olympic Games. While teaching golf at the prestigious Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, CA for 12 years, she used ‘One, Two, Follow Through’ as a sequential framework for golfers of all ages and levels to grow and evolve naturally. #nogimmicks #showusyouronetwo 

In March 2022, Mary established The One, Two, Follow Through Golf Academy at Tetherow Golf Resort in Bend, OR

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