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My Best Golf Game for Kids

What’s the best golf game for kids? I get asked this question by parents, all the time. As you probably know, there’s all sorts of gear and gadgets you can buy to help teach kids how to put and how to play golf. Some of them might work, and some of them certainly do not. The best game I’ve found won’t cost you anything. It’s called Birdie, Eagle, Par! You don’t have to buy anything, and you can play it anywhere. Here’s how it works, and why my students like it so much.

What’s the best golf game for kids?

The best golf game for kids is one that kids enjoy. It should spark the imagination, and it should actually helps kids play better golf. For me, the one game that rises to the top is Birdie, Eagle, Par! It’s a simple game you can play anywhere. On the putting green or in your living room.

It’s fundamentally just a putting challenge, and it keeps things simple. Plus, it allows kids to use their imagination, make their own rules, and have fun.

What are the rules for Birdie, Eagle, Par?

The rules to this kids golf game are simple, and I’ll explain what makes it my favorite. The game is similar to playing H-O-R-S-E with a golf twist. Here we go:

  1. To keep score, the first person to complete the word B-I-R-D-I-E loses.
  2. Grab your putter and a golf ball.
  3. Play closest to the pin to see who goes first.
  4. Each player will call their shot and break. It’s very helpful to have a dialogue of what you are doing. Dialogue keeps all players engaged, and it keeps kids focused on exactly what they’re trying to do. For example, “Left to right break about 3 balls out, and die it into the hole.” or “Straight in the cup, with speed and confidence!”
  5. Whomever, is furthest from the hole for gets a letter.
  6. The player with the least amount of letters wins, and the player to spell B-I-R-D-I-E first loses!

What makes this golf game for kids so good?

This golf putting game allows kids and parents to really mix it up, doing out-of-the-ordinary shots. For example, “Stand on one leg”, “Putt with one hand”, “Close your eyes”, “Look left, but putt to your right”, or “Putt between your legs.” This creativity keeps everyone engaged, having fun. Plus, you can change it up. Play it seriously, or goofy. And consider a post-golf reward to keep the competitive spirit going!

Have questions?

Call or email anytime. I coach kids like yours, every day, and I love to help caring parents share their love of golf with their family.

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